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Dîner en Blanc - Vancouver 2015 Calling!

Save-the-Date! Diner en Blanc - Vancouver returns for the 2015 edition on Tuesday, August 25th.

It is a truly remarkable sight, the exceptional sophisticate and occasional socialite, standing stoically at the edge of their penthouse balcony / apartment window / town house fence / flat door, with a glass of champagne / scotch / wine / baileys / beer loosely in hand, gazing philosophically across the most beautiful city in the world, contemplating the disconnect from their peers. Vancouver, it has: culture, romance, flair, charm, and an essence of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. But as that elegant citizen, who, let’s face it, is you, scurries around the city, you always find time to lament that Vancouver is just too much amalgam of difference. For sure difference breeds splendid variety and unique fusion: however it prevents the manifestation of a clear Vancouver spirit - which you lament. With a population so diverse it is a challenge to unite the citizens of this glorious city for even a single occasion (Canada Day withstanding). Truth be told, there is nothing that brings the different people of Vancouver together particularly well …..

…. Or is there? You may have got whiff of an engaging event that stamped it’s mark on Vancouver for the past few years. A night of culture, grandeur, and stately elegance. An evening beckoning to those desiring a unique moment of class and tradition. Is it a ball? A masquerade? The signing of a declaration of independence? In fact, it is a dinner; or, rather, le Dîner. Le Dîner en Blanc. The one night of the year where all of Vancouver comes together to celebrate and indulgence in the romantic sophistication of times past. 

And as your personal carrier falcon returns to you after a day’s long flight, you stroke it’s plume of fierce feathers and subtlety slip off the message ring around its leg. Unraveling the ancient parchment you are greeted with the best news you could have dreamed of. Sketched in exceptional calligraphy, the message follows:
Dîner en Blanc – Vancouver is returning….. On Tuesday, AUGUST 25th, 2015.

Le Dîner en Blanc is returning to Vancouver and it will be the highlight of the summer! So grab your whitest fine attire, corral your sophisticated friends, and mark the date! Registration opens soon! 

To complete the nostalgia, watch 2014's video here: 

And view our collections of photos from past years events here:  

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Nazila B.
4 year ago
looking forward to the most finest event!!!
Harith A.
4 year ago
This is our first Diner en Blanc. Looking forward to it!
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